The SBA Loan – A Small Business Dream Come True

Big businesses have many avenues when they search for commercial financing, but small businesses often struggle to find funding with the right parameters. LaGray Finance has the approval of the Small Business Administration and is a preferred Financial Services provider. That means we can quickly process your SBA loan and help you obtain the financing you need.

If You Have a Business, We Can Help

No matter what type of business you have, LaGray Finance can help you remodel, purchase, refinance, or construct with the help of a Small Business Loan. Here are a few examples of the many types of businesses we are helping to secure their future.

  • Veterinary offices
  • Day care facilities
  • Non-conforming properties
  • Car maintenance and repair shops
  • Single-office buildings

If You Own Equipment, We Can Help

Sometimes, all your business needs is new equipment, and an influx of cash can quickly take care of purchasing or updating the machinery or vehicles. Most traditional lenders set specific terms on how the money they lend can be spent, and that can be frustrating when an emergency suddenly arises. With SBA financing, you set the terms, including the following:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Tools and machines
  • Medical paraphernalia
  • Laundry machinery

If You Need Flexibility, We Can Help

The flexibility of the financing terms and low interest rates on the SBA loans may surprise you. Down payments may require nothing for the microloan, and only up to 20% down for the 504 or the 7(a) financing. You can also choose fixed or variable rates.

If You Need a Loan, We Can Help

When your company needs a quick influx of cash, why not see if the Small Business Administration Loans are right for you. There are many other business operations, vehicles, and equipment covered by the SBA financing loans offered here at ; so, why not give us a call and begin the financing process today?