Financing for Healthcare Practitioners

Discover how much financing you can personally qualify for with LaGray Finance. If you need a loan to purchase new medical equipment, digitize patient records, or for debt consolidation, LaGray Finance can help. Because of our special healthcare focus, we understand that financing might not be easy for a medical professional due to the costs of medical school, specialty equipment or other factors.

Looking to grow your healthcare practiceStress-free, personal financing that allows you to increase staff, take on more patients, or invest in marketing.
Improve practice working capitalCash flow is vital for any healthcare practice. We can help get your business through periods of cash flow interruption
Purchase new medical equipmentIf you need to upgrade your equipment or purchase new technology, we can help you cover the cost without putting a strain on your finances.
Consolidate debtWe provide financing options to consolidate your loans, credit cards, and other business or bank debt to simplify your finances and save time and money.
Buy a personal stake in an existing practiceFast approval on financing to give you the funds you need to join a practice.
Start a new healthcare businessWe can help turn your vision into a reality with our fast and easy approval process.

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