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LaGray Finance is a commercial loan brokerage firm that helps people connect with the financing needed to start a business, stay alive, thrive and grow. Initially established as a pharmaceutical company in 2002, LaGray recently expanded into financial services. We work mainly in healthcare and hospitality, although we have also helped clients in other businesses, such as construction, government, commercial real estate, oil and gas, trucking and the music industry.

Successful businesses rely on financial support to launch, grow and expand. If aside from the local banks, alternative financial support was not available, many growing businesses would be forced to fold. LaGray offers bespoke financing solutions with more choices (banks, family trusts and private lenders nationwide), which means saving the business owner the time shopping around for a lender, better rates or a better fit. We have a comprehensive portfolio of financial products to meet the needs of start-ups, small businesses and large-scale outfits.

“I wish there were alternative financing options available when I ran my award-winning restaurant in the early 2000s. At the time, commercial loan brokerage in its present form did not exist, until after the financial crash in 2008 when banks stopped giving loans. Numerous businesses collapsed but it also led to the creation of a new body of relatively risk-taking institutions that provided alternative lending solutions. That’s what we do.”Dr. Alexandra Graham, President of LaGray Finance


Any commercial lender worth his or her salt must provide advisory services. For example, a medical practitioner who wants to open a clinic should know what decisions to make beyond whether to lease new premises or buy into an existing practice. We provide advice and options for the initial investment – loans, angel investors, equity and debentures. Once up and running, working capital is needed and there are different financial options we can provide as well.

We understand the challenges small to medium-sized businesses face when it comes to traditional financing, such as being rejected due to poor credit scores and paying higher interest rates on loans. Even if you have excellent credit rating and a solid business plan, you may still not be able to get a loan because you have no collateral and you have less than 3 years of financials.


We have partnered with over 250 banks and hundreds of alternative financial institutions nationwide that provide loans and equity from $100,000 to $500 million. Our Partners have a wide variety of lending instruments which we have expert knowledge of. This allows us to negotiate and structure a combination of products, sometimes from more than one institution, that perfectly addresses your unique needs.


“I returned to the land of my birth, Africa, in 2005 to build a pharmaceutical research and manufacturing facility with technologies to help ensure medicines safety and security in Africa.” – Dr. Alexandra Graham

The people behind LaGray Finance understand your plight, having been in the trenches, raising $15 million to fund a pharmaceutical project in Ghana. What this means is that you are working with experienced professionals who have already been where you are now and understand the challenges you face. LaGray sees beyond the dollar sign. Having survived the arduous process of finding investors and troubleshooting the challenges – population size, managerial shuffling, breakeven point and sustainable profits for growth – we share a desire to help companies succeed because when you succeed in business, you provide job security and services to people who need them.

“That was our motivation for establishing LaGray Finance. Learn from your experiences and get back up again. If you don’t do that, then you have no business being in business…What can you do to make a difference?” – Dr. Alexandra Graham


We believe you deserve special attention, so we will work with you to meet your needs. Our communications with you will be transparent, open and honest. We will go the extra mile to package a custom and responsible solution that meets your needs. Ultimately, you will decide what is best for you.

You own a thriving senior living facility making $50,000 a month and are thinking of expansion, until several clients stop paying in the space of just a few months. During a year of litigation, you lose half your income and use personal credit cards and high interest Merchant Cash Advances to keep the business afloat. With a less than perfect FICO score, to whom can you turn?…Scary, but it happens!

You can’t always prevent a cash shortfall because unexpected circumstances are exactly that – – unexpected.

You need $250 Million for a great investment opportunity! Your business plan is to construct a luxury hotel and apartments complex in a growing but under-served city center. Your local commercial bankers say they don’t fund construction projects, what then?

Knowing whom to turn to when money is tight or when a great business opportunity pops up can help ease the weight of worry.


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